Prevention of prostatitis in men at home: drugs and exercises

Prostatitis develops after forty, and sometimes thirty years, when a man is most active in work and family, and the decline in potency can significantly reduce his self-confidence. us, not only on the love front but also in all areas of life. Prostatitis itself is not contagious, but one of its causes is sexually transmitted infections that can be passed on to an infected partner.

Main reason

pain in a man with prostatitis

There are several factors that contribute to the development of prostatitis and lead to a decrease in potency:

  • Stagnation in the prostate gland. This is one of the main causes of prostatitis. Irregular sex life, promiscuity contributes to stagnation of bile, a sedentary lifestyle, inactivity makes blood stagnation. The result of both processes is the same - swelling of the prostate gland, increased pressure in it and a violation of its functions (production of secretions and regulation of ejaculation).
  • Uncomfortable temperature conditions of the external genitalia. Overheating and hypothermia adversely affect men's health, tight underwear and uncomfortable trousers also adversely affect potency. All this reduces the viability of the sperm.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases. This is another risk of a dysfunctional sex life. The penetration of infection against the background of an obstruction in the prostate gland leads to inflammation, sometimes with serious consequences.

Preventive measures

Prevention of prostatitis in men should begin in childhood with the formation of hygienic skills in boys, the ability to choose underwear and dress appropriately for the weather. These are key points that will help you to be less prone to harmful prostate effects in the future.

In young men and adult men, prevention of prostatitis includes a regular sex life, preferably with the same partner, exercise, and a healthy diet. It is important to regularly check for sexually transmitted infections and get treatment promptly, especially if a man has frequent unprotected intercourse. It should not be protected by interrupted intercourse - this leads to a stagnation of prostate secretion, moreover, it is not the most reliable method of contraception.

There are special exercises to prevent prostatitis, they are quite simple and most of them can be done without getting up from a chair. The essence of these exercises is to stretch and relax different muscle groups of the perineum, thereby helping to remove blood stasis in the prostate and other organs of the small pelvis. Hiking, running, squatting, sports games (football, volleyball, basketball) are also useful, in winter - skiing and skating.

run to prevent prostatitis

Drugs used to increase potency, such as the well-known Viagra, can also be considered to prevent prostatitis in men, but only if the dosage is strictly followed. An overdose, as well as the use of Viagra without sex afterwards, will lead to a stagnation of secretions of the prostate gland and increase the risk of prostatitis. Drugs to prevent prostatitis and increase potency in our country have a status as dietary supplements, ie not considered drugs and not certified. These include domestic products such as Men Support and Prost Plus, American drugs - So Palmetto and Pro Formula, and many more.

To prevent acute prostatitis from becoming chronic, it is important to get prompt and definitive treatment of STIs, avoid unprotected sex with random partners, timely treatment of acute prostatitis.


If prostatitis is detected, it is necessary to treat it as soon as possible, because if acute prostatitis is not treated in time, it will tend to become chronic. To do this, use the drugs available in the tablets. In addition, rectal suppositories are used - they reduce inflammation in acute prostatitis or exacerbations of chronic disease, reduce swelling of the prostate gland due to obstruction, anesthetize surrounding tissues and contribute toThe active substance reaches the prostate gland fastest through the wall of the rectum. You can take them as prescribed by your doctor, even at home.

Prostate massage is also used to treat and prevent prostatitis. The simplest method is digital, when the index or middle finger is inserted into the rectum in a glove lubricated with a special water-based lubricant, the lower lobe of the prostate is identified by touching. and some strong pressure is applied to it. The upper parts of the gland during massage are not affected. Due to the inconvenience of the finger method and the disgust associated with it, there are simulators for massaging the prostate.

Do not lose their value and prostatitis prevention exercises, they speed up the treatment process and they also prevent chronic prostatitis, which can occur with acute prostatitisnot completely cured.

Treatment of prostatitis at home requires a healthy diet - high-fiber vegetables, lean meat and fish, drinking lots of water, limiting alcohol, especially beer. Moderate physical activity and regular sexual activity are desirable. Folk remedies are used: steaming balls from pumpkin seeds and honey, elderberry juice, decoction of witch hazel leaves and bark, chestnut peels. However, the recommendations described are for prostatitis prevention in men rather than treatment. Folk methods allow you to maintain health and well-being for longer.

All methods of prevention and treatment of prostatitis work in combination, using any one remedy will not give immediate results, so it is important to usesimultaneously and preferably - as prescribed by a doctor.