Experience of use Prostaline

I would like to share my experience with Prostaline, how to use it and what to expect in the future. Reviews will be as detailed as possible for people to draw their own conclusions.

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About my prostate problem

The problem arose a few years ago after having sex with a girl. After 3 weeks, a feeling of discomfort arises. I didn't notice, but after a few days, a variety of different symptoms appeared:

  1. Pain in the lower abdomen.
  2. Body temperature increases.
  3. Reduces effect.
  4. Weak flow while urinating.
  5. Frequent painful urination.
  6. Pain in the perineum.

Can not take it anymore. I went to see the doctor. He recommended Prostaline.

Prostaline Packaging and Delivery

The feeling from the packaging is so nice. Beautiful, fashionable design with two colors white and blue. Plastic bottles with tight lids. The pills themselves are insignificant. Large white capsule in a film-coated shell. Don't try to bite through. Smell slightly sweet. This is probably due to the abundance of natural ingredients in the composition.

20 pills per pack. Immediately I was assigned to buy 2-3 packs, because the treatment was long.


The doctor strongly recommends that before using the drug eliminate fatty foods from your diet, and also minimize alcohol intake. When asked if he could do something without it, he said no.

Failed. It is a drug that includes a course of treatment, but required circumstances. I highly recommend that you follow this rule. If you don't prepare the body and combine the pill with something, this can only exacerbate the situation.

Feeling of application

I was prescribed a pill once a day after a meal. For better absorption, it is recommended to drink it with water. And he did. Read instructions and all instructions before use. Nothing special. Only allergic reactions are possible, but not present. No itching, redness, and vomiting.

First positive changes are noticed a few days after applying. I started waking up less at night to go to the bathroom. The pain in the lower abdomen gradually subsides after a few more days. The pain in the ovaries also decreased gradually.

One month after the initiation of treatment, the male's normal strength fully recovered.

Output after using Prostaline

Prostaline is a very effective weapon against prostatitis. It has helped me. There were no complaints about the app, and results were noticed after a few days.

The drug only left a positive impression on me, so I can confidently recommend the natural treatment of prostatitis with Prostaline to all men.